Sunday, April 8, 2007


We believe that there is over-population in almost every country in the world, including Canada, the most sparsely populated country in the world. How do we know that Canada is over-populated? Ontario is 8 times larger in area than England with 4 times less population. Yet Toronto ships its garbage to Michigan because it cannot find any where in Ontario to dump it. The Great Lakes are some of the biggest lakes in the world and yet they are polluted. Canadians have such a voracious demand for its natural resources that there is over-cutting of forests and over-fishing. The Grand Banks are no longer grand with fish stock. The over-fishing is so bad that the government has put quotas or bans on fishing.

We believe that over-population is the root of many problems around the world, such as wars and mass killings over natural resources such as oil.

  • The current way Humans use the Earth is not sustainable. Most government policies are not sustainable.
  • Unlike some religious beliefs, we belief that there should be a limit to Human priorities and population vis-à-vis the environment and animal populations.
  • Over-population is not sustainable, even if the world population stays at 6 billion. It is forecasted to double to 12 billion in 100 years.
  • Over-population is reducing quality of life. Smaller (population) is better for most countries, including Canada. Some of the smallest countries have the highest standard of living.
  • Over-population has caused:
    • many animals to go extinct and many more to be extinct
    • abundant pollution
    • deterioration in the environment
  • Over-population in Canada has created:
    • smogs in Toronto, unthinkable only 10 years ago
    • ridiculous traffic and commutes
      • increasing stress, reducing leisure time and quality of life
      • deterring weekend trips due to traffic
    • polluted rivers and lakes
      • where we were able to catch and eat fish from High Park in Toronto (no longer)
  • When countries become over-populated, citizens will emigrate to less-populated countries to escape the over-crowdedness.
  • Countries that do a good job of population control should not suffer from or be release valves for other countries’ population (and mismanagement) problems.
  • Due to human over-population, we have livestock over-population. According to a 2006 report from UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), livestock produce more Carbon Dioxide than all of the cars, freight trucks, railways, airplanes and container ships in the entire world. The planet's livestock animals breathe out three billion tonnes of Carbon Dioxide a year. Humans breathe out two billion metric tonnes of Carbon Dioxide a year. Quotes from article:
    • "UN...described the spiralling increase in greenhouse gases from livestock as 'massive' and asserted that the world governments must urgently address the problem.
    • "As Pogo astutely observed so many years ago: 'We have met the enemy and he is us.'"

If Canada is over-populated, is it possible that many other countries are as well?


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