Friday, November 7, 2008

Stealing from Children

We have been running deficits and building up our debt for most of the years since the mid-1960's, spending most of that money on socialist programs and to create fake wealth and fuel fake economies.

When one generation spends like crazy, runs up the debt and then do not repay it, the next generation must pay for it.  Some people euphemistically call this “INTER-GENERATIONAL TRANSFER”.  However, this can be misleading.

Burdening people without their approval or knowledge, is immoral and illegal.  This is what Baby Boomers do when they pass huge debts to the next generation.

Furthermore, "inter-generational transfer" implies that the receiving party agreed to the transfer.  However, the next generation never agreed, nor want to give their money to the previous generation.  They never said:  "Please borrow and spend like crazy and pass the debt to us to pay off."  This is no different than STEALING MONEY from the next generation.  Stealing can be defined as taking something from somebody without that person's approval or knowledge.  This is EXACTLY what we are doing.

Thanks to socialism for the past 40+ years, the Baby Boomer governments in US, Canada and Europe spent like crazy, piled up huge debts and will not be repaying the money that they spent.  The Gen Xers and future generations will have to pay for what the Baby Boomers spent and enjoyed.  This money is STOLEN from Gen Xers.  It is no less than CRIMINAL.

The amount stolen is massive and is now in the TRILLIONS of dollars.  It is by far the largest loot in history.  The heist is so big, that it makes the Romans, Brits (during the British Empire) and Americans (continental US from the natives, Hawaii, etc.) look like boy scouts.  It is also the perfect crime because most of the victims (and perpetrators) do not even know that this crime is happening or how much is stolen from them.  Most people do not know how much debt their government has. 

In fact, many people do not think that the government has a debt because of the years with budget surpluses.  However, surplus years does not mean that there is no more debt.  This is related to the problems with democracy.

Many lawyer-politicians are non-quantitative thinkers and insufficiently educated in finance, economics and math.  Therefore, they will tend to STEAL even more from the young, to use that money to buy votes to win the election.  This is another reason to stop electing lawyer-politicians.

In a true democracy, every person should be able to vote on decisions that affect him/her.  The children whom we are stealing from, never got to vote on our decision to take money from them.  Because of this, we do not have true democracy.

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