Monday, June 11, 2007

Corruption - Liberals

If you're thinking of robbing a store, don't bother. Become a government or business leader and steal millions.

Get taxpayers to pay for love nests (condos furnished with prostitutes) in downtown Montreal. Get taxpayers to pay for your wife's shopping sprees in Montreal. Based on the GOMERY report, there was ORGANIZED MONEY LAUNDERING and THEFT to the tune of approximately $400 Million. There are dozens in this Liberal organized CRIME FAMILY.

However, only two is being charged. Gagliano spent most of his summers golfing in Montreal. Chuck Guité is retired in Florida.

If you get caught, your chances of going to jail is almost nil. You might be burdened like Jean Chretien who is "fighting to keep his reputation".

White collar criminals won't get punished because laws are written and enforced by white collar people.

Even though Paul Coffin, one of the Liberal Mafia members, pleaded guilty to 15 charges of fraud in 2004, he didn't get any jail time and as part of his sentence, he agreed to give talks about business ethics. What a concept. Be a criminal and give talks about ethics. It's interesting that criminals are more qualified to give these talks than ethical people.

You can be a criminal and be on the speaking circuit like Bill Clinton.

But, if you're going to steal, steal for a province other than Quebec for a change.

Jean Brault and Groupaction

Jean Brault, president Groupaction Marketing Inc. He is the founder and president of Groupaction Marketing Inc., a company that recently bought two other major federal advertisers, Lafleur and Gosselin. Groupaction was one of the government's favourite advertisers, bringing in about $60-million in sponsorship contracts. Mr. Brault and sponsorship has been charged with six counts of fraud and faces a trial next year. Mr. Brault's Gomery testimony caused a sensation. He alleged that $1.2-million went to the Liberal party through various means, including fake invoices, fake jobs, donations and cash.

Jacques Corriveau and Pluridesign

Pluridesign, design firm owned by Jacques Corriveau that provided publicity materials for Liberal election campaigns in 1997, went on to earn millions under the sponsorship program. Charged $4,500 for neckties with a Canadian flag on them, including fees for "strategic research" and other creative services. Received $5.8-million in subcontracts between 1997 and 2002 from Le Groupe Polygone Editeurs, a company that received major sponsorship deals. Got $1.8-million from ad agency Lafleur. Corriveau is a friend of Jean Chrétien. Groupaction's Jean Brault alleged he paid him almost $500,000 through fake invoices, money that was supposedly going to "the cause" or the Liberal party.

Luc Lemay and Groupe Polygone Editeurs

Groupe Polygone Editeurs Inc., a little-known company whose events and publications became the favourite destination of federal advertising dollars. Over five years, Polygone obtained $40-million to put federal advertising at its hunting-and-fishing shows in Quebec and in its outdoors magazines. The sponsorship money was handled through Groupaction. Over all, Polygone received almost 20 per cent of all the funds that went through the sponsorship program, while the rest were spread out between hundreds of organizations. Mr. Lemay testified at the Gomery inquiry that Jacques Corriveau raked almost $6-million through bogus, unverified invoices.

Jean Lafleur and Lafleur Communications

Jean Lafleur, head of Lafleur Communication Marketing (LCM), a company that relied almost solely on government work -- his company got $65.4-million in sponsorship contracts. He had contact with senior Liberals -- including socializing with them -- and a Crown corporation head. Jean Lafleur's son, Éric Lafleur, worked for the Prime Minister's Office while vice-president of Lafleur Communications and president of Publicité Dezert, a company that got subcontracts. Jean Lafleur said Quebec Liberals Joe Morselli and Benoît Borbeil asked him to donate money to the party. He gave In total, there was $42,213 in official donations to the party. The firm was bought in 2001 by Groupaction.

Gilles-André Gosselin and Gosselin

Gosselin communications stratégiques of Ottawa awarded subcontracts to Unicom Inc., a company owned by Nicolas Gosselin, the son of Gosselin Communications founder Gilles-André Gosselin. In October 1998, sold his firm to Groupaction, worked there until 2002. The company got $21.2-million in sponsorship contracts. Gosselin's employees and relatives charged the government for 3,414 hours of work, mostly to attend events at the Corel Centre. Gilles-André also charged the government for 3,673 hours of sponsorship work in one year, which drew skepticism from Gomery.

Paul Coffin and Coffin Communications

Paul Coffin's company received $8.7-million in sponsorship contracts. He pleaded guilty to 15 charges of fraud in 2004, and agreed to pay back $1-million of the $1.55-million. He avoided jail time (the Crown sought 34 months) and as part of his sentence, he agreed to give talks about business ethics.

Claude Boulay and Groupe Everest

Claude Boulay, head of Groupe Everest. He is the president of Groupe Everest, a company that was long associated with former Conservative leader and current Quebec Liberal Leader Jean Charest. Media IDA Vision, a subsidiary of Everest acts as the government agency of record, placing all government ads on television, radio and newspapers. Everest is also a major player in the government's sponsorship program, having gotten $67.7-million in contracts. He has had connections to Paul Martin during 1993 campaign, but the Prime Minister said he barely knows Mr. Boulay and Mr. Boulay says he didn't get contracts because of his contacts.

Chuck Guité

Mr. Guité ran the sponsorship program from its inception until 1999 when he retired. He is charged along with Groupaction's Jean Brault of six counts of fraud related to sponsorship contracts. When he retired, he set up a consulting firm, Oro Communications, and received about $1-million consulting fees from a number of ad agencies that got sponsorship contracts.


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