Friday, August 3, 2007

Separaton of Church and State

The founding fathers of United States believed in a secular government and wrote in their constitution that there will be a separation of church and state. We agree with this belief for several reasons.

If the government is led by a religious leader, that leader will impose his/her religious beliefs onto others. This is in conflict to the belief of religious freedom, where citizens should be allowed to practice whatever religion they want. In fact, many of the original settlers immigrated to North America to flee religious oppression in Europe, including the pilgrims on the Mayflower that landed on Plymouth Rock.

Canadians follow many religions. If the leader is religious, oppression and discrimination can happen to Canadians who follow religions different to his/hers, as well as Atheists, Agnostics, homosexuals and women.

Religion is one of the reasons that United States has engaged in continuous conflict in the middle east.

At one time, Canada and United States were dominated by WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestants). Protestants, who were moderate Christians, believed that Catholicism was more extreme. Catholics have now dominated Canada, but are moderate compared to Baptists and Evangelicals. The Baptists and Evangelicals do not believe that Catholics are true Christians. In the 1970's, Evangelicals such as Billy Graham, Oral Roberts and Jimmy Bakker were thought of as radical, as they yelled out their preaching on television. Now, Evangelicals are part of mainstream USA and has become the largest and fastest growing religious group in the U.S. This transformation in the US has affected US foreign policy, which in turn has affected many other countries including Middle-East, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Most Canadians and Europeans do not realize how religious United States has become. British Professor Richard Dawkins has called United States, the "Taliban of the West".

George Bush is an Evangelical and was put in power by Evangelical voters.

Unlike other Christians, Evangelicals interpret the Bible literally and believe in Armageddon and the second coming of Christ. Armageddon will be a big war in Israel coinciding with the end of the world. This war will be between the Muslims, Jews and Christians, where millions of people will die. Jesus Christ will return to Earth. The survivors will accept Jesus as their savior. Those who do not, will perish. After this event, all humans on Earth will be Christians.

Due to this belief, Evangelicals are the only non-Jews who are Zionists, as they want to fulfill their prophecy of Armageddon happening in Israel. Therefore, they support the foreign policy of Zionism, advocated by Jewish Americans such as ex-Assistant Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz. This policy includes the removal of Middle-East governments who are anti-Israel, such as Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Wolfowitz's "Roadmap to Peace", which was adopted by George Bush, advocated the removal of other Middle-Eastern governments who are also anti-Israel. Due to the bog-down in Iraq, they have not been able to carry this out.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans are paying for Zionism with thousands of lives and billions of dollars of tax money and yet most of them do not know what Zionism is or how to spell it.

We do not support this policy, or any policy that causes so much violence and death.

We believe that most people are Atheists to a large extent because most do not believe in dozens of Gods except their own. Most people do not believe that Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury or Mars are Gods. They do not believe that Zeus is the God of Gods. They do not believe in the Aztec or Mayan Gods. The Jews, Buddhists and Muslims do not believe that Jesus Christ is a God. The Jews, Buddhists and Christians do not believe in Mohammed. Many Christians do not believe that Mormons are Christians. Baptists and Evangelicals do not believe that Catholics are true Christians. Most people do not believe that Scientology is a religion. All of them cannot be right about their own Gods.

Some religions, such as the Evangelicals, tend to under-prioritize the environment. We believe that the environment should have very high priority.


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