Monday, April 2, 2007

About Us

"You can't handle the truth!!!"

These were the famous words that Jack Nicholson yelled out at Tom Cruise in the movie "A Few Good Men". If you can't handle the truth, you should not continue reading this website.

We think the problem with our world is that too many voters cannot handle the truth. Hence, too many politicians do not tell the truth.

Being politically correct is not necessarily being correct.  Examples:
  • People claim that Stealing from Children is politically incorrect.  They are correct that it is not politically correct for the older people.  But it is very politically correct for children and future generations.  To not talk about this allows this stealing to continue and is unjust to children.
  • People claim that Over-Population is politically incorrect.  Politically incorrect for who?  To not talk about this is unjust to the planet and wild life.  Over-population is one of the causes of wars, greenhouse gases, pollution, habitat destruction and animal extinctions.  It is also the cause of minor issues such as traffic jams, which is materially impacting peoples' lives.

Welcome to our political viewpoints!

Read about the issues that we think are important, our philosophy & beliefs and our proposed solutions (platform). For some of the issues, we have a radically different way of looking at them. Sometimes, we will side with correctness instead of political-correctness, in those cases where society can no longer afford to be politically-correct.

We need to be logical and sensible instead of being overly politically-correct or sensitive.

Why another political viewpoint?

Most parties are either fiscally and socially conservative, or fiscally and socially liberal. We cannot find one that is fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

Most parties try to stay politically-correct and never talk about the issues we publish on our website.
In the 21st century, the world has become very inter-connected economically, environmentally and politically. We need this to be a worldwide discussion because the world cannot achieve its goals without the participation of all countries.

When the developed countries pollute, the non-developed countries suffer. When Greece has a debt crisis, the wealth of millions of Americans, Europeans, Canadians, Australians, etc., are affected.  The U.S. does not have much democracy when there are only two major political parties. Both parties are drunken borrowers and spenders. Their financial, fiscal and economic situation can affect you, whether you are American or not, just like their financial crisis affected you in 2008. A default on American debt will have a MUCH bigger affect on most humans around the world, than a Greek default.

We explore the causes of these debt problems on other pages. In short, most Western democratic parties still try to buy votes, and incessantly drive up deficits and debts.

There are other reasons for the need of another political party in Canada:
  • Liberals were corrupt and should be punished, not elected.
  • Conservatives are too allied with the oil industry. Too many of their constituents are dependent on the oil industry and hence they will never be a leader in saving the environment.
  • NDPs are too socialistic.
  • Green party do not address economic/monetary issues.
  • None of these parties talk about over-population in Canada or the world.
Many of the issues that we face are global. To solve these, we need every country involved.

If you agree with us, then join us to help create a new and better world!!

We are looking for:

  • Submissions for articles of interest
  • Volunteer
  • Donation
  • Politicians who have the courage to tell voters the truth!
Please contact us now.


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