Monday, February 6, 2017

Most Want Less Immigration, But Politicians Want More. Why?

Most people, including immigrants, want less immigration:

Gallup Poll: Only SEVEN PERCENT Of Americans Want More Immigration

According to this survey: "majority of Americans (54 percent), including 52 percent of Hispanics, said it ought to be half a million or fewer."

Three quarters of Britons want less immigration – survey

A poll of Germans found 83% Say Immigration is the Country’s “Biggest Challenge”.

In Europe, 52% want lower immigration levels.

According to Pew, "Huge majorities in both Greece (86%) and Italy (80%) say they want fewer immigrants allowed into their countries. More than half in the United Kingdom and France hold this view”

Most Canadians want limits on immigration:  "70% of ... Canadian adults polled supported limits, and most Canadians who were born in another country (58%) agreed. Among those whose parents were not born in Canada, 66% were in support of limiting the number of...immigrants"

These surveys support the World Happiness Report, which reported that the happiest countries are the smallest or least populated.

There is other evidence that supports the World Happiness Report as well.  Many immigrants move from over-populated countries to sparsely populated countries.  Once they are in the new country, they do not want to see it become over-populated as well.

However, there are so many people in the developed world that it has become over-populated.  There are 500 million people on that tiny European continent.

Millions of commuters in LA and New York wish there were fewer people on the roads.  There are signs of over-population in most countries, including the small Western countries.  Even Canada, one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, shows signs of over-population.  The great lakes are polluted.  Ontario needs to ship its garbage to Michigan.  Much of the west is de-forested.  Grand banks off Newfoundland, which used to be flushed with fish, have been nearly depleted.  Canada needs to sell so much oil that their tar sands have become a huge polluter.

Most of the third world is exploding in population, causing the West to be used as a release valve.  Some say that immigration into the West will help world poverty.  This video explains how it will not.  It will not make a tiny dent.  If anything, it might worsen world poverty as the people who are most capable and likely to improve poor countries are leaving them.

This video explains how the current path of immigration will make the U.S. over-populated and worse off.  It also states:  "polls show that there was never a time when much more than 10% of Americans wanted higher immigration."

Many tell you that immigration is needed because the West is not reproducing enough.  This is a big lie.  Japan does not believe they need immigration to compensate for their low native birth rates.  This video explains why.

Countries should be reducing their populations, not increasing them.  People in the developed world are the biggest consumers of the world resources.  Thanks to them, we have many of the problems in the world, such as pollution and animal extinctions.  Reducing their population is good for planet earth.

Yet, politicians continue to increase their populations, by ramming more immigrants down the throats of their citizens.  Why?
  1. They get more votes.  New immigrants tend to vote for the party that let them in.  (This was a brilliant political strategy by Ted Kennedy when he changed the immigration policy in 1965.)  Therefore, they see immigrants as a source of votes and job security (for the politicians, not for the voters).
  2. They can get re-elected if they grow the economy (GDP).  Growing the population grows the GDP.
As you can see, #1 is good for politicians, not for you.

# 2 is also good for politicians, not for you.

GDP is NOT the most important metric for the economic health of citizens.  GDP PER CAPITA (per person) is.  The U.S. has the biggest GDP, but Switzerland has a much bigger GDP PER CAPITA and Switzerland does not have nor need low-skilled, low-income workers.  Switzerland is one of the happiest countries in the world and they do not need low-income immigrants to pick crops for them.  China will have a bigger GDP than the U.S., but Americans will still be happier than the Chinese because Americans have a bigger GDP PER CAPITA.

As this video shows, GDP PER CAPITA is not correlated to population growth.  Countries can grow GDP PER CAPITA despite population decline.  As this video shows, politicians and media have been lying for decades when they say that immigration is needed to support the aging population.

Most politicians do not know how to grow GDP PER CAPITA.  Growing GDP is simpler.  Just increase immigration.  After decades of increasing immigration, GDP PER CAPITA has not grown much or at all for most Western countries.  According to Pew, real income for the average American has been flat from 1964 to 2014.  According to Mises, real income has fallen over the past 16 years.  Therefore, all of this immigration has benefited mainly the politicians and not the citizens.

In addition to politicians, some of the media also push for immigration.  Why?  We can only speculate.  Media is usually controlled by large corporations.  They want to be able to hire foreign workers because they are cheaper for both high skilled and low skilled positions.  However, what is in the best interest of large corporations is not necessarily in the best interest of the majority of the population.  By hiring foreign workers, they bypass many native workers.

Besides, Switzerland and Japan, have shown that foreign workers are not needed.  They have little to no immigration.  Yet, they continue to increase their GDP PER CAPITA, and Switzerland's GDP PER CAPITA is higher than U.S.'s.

Therefore, do not believe this lie pushed by the politicians, pundits and the media.

Democracy is a myth.  The people do not get what they want.  Tell your politician what you want.


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