Thursday, May 3, 2007

Over-Population - Balance of Animals to Humans

There are 370 of these left:

Below is how populations have changed over time:

The animal population curves in the above chart are too close to zero to see (even if they were multiplied by a thousand), compared to the human curve. However, instead of going up, they've all gone down. Below are their numbers:
Blue Whale400,00012,00097%
This does not show the thousands of species that have already gone extinct because of humans.
Humans don't need help to survive. Animals do.

Here's how the current populations compare:

The animal populations are so small that their bars are effectively zero compared to the bar for humans.

Canada is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. Its map has little dots that represent towns scattered throughout the country. The population for most of these animals would not even be a dot on a map of Canada, forget about trying to be a dot on a more populous country. In fact, your high-school probably had a larger population than most of these animals.

Contrary to popular belief, Whales have the biggest brains on earth, not humans. They are intelligent animals that communicate and even sing. Bonobo looks like a Chimpanzee and is the most closely related animal to humans. 98% of their DNA is identical to yours.

Even if we hypothetically increase these animal populations by a thousand times (x 1,000), as shown below, their bars are still relatively zero compared to the human bar:

If the human bar was the same height as the World Trade Center, the bar for Blue Whales would be 0.11 millimeters (0.0045 inches) high and the bar for Siberian Tigers would be 0.02 millimeters (0.0009 inches) high...the same height as a dust particle...effectively zero height.

Help the animals. Don't let them go extinct. They are loving, majestic, beautiful, stunning, intelligent and INNOCENT. In fact, many of these animals are better looking than most humans. It took millions of years for them to evolve and we are making them extinct in a matter of decades. Once extinct, they will NEVER be back.

Don't buy products with Ivory, Tiger or Whale parts. When you do, you are conspiring with evil poachers to illegally kill these animals and contribute to their extinction.

There are 30 of these left in the Far East:

There are less of these whales in the whole world than there people in one average high-school:

Blue whales viewed from the air:

More than 95% of their DNA is identical to yours. There are 4,800 of these left:

If you love animals, send this link:
to as many animal lovers as you know.

Somebody should check out the validity of:




Far Eastern Leopard:

Save the Tiger


Bonobo population

Chimpanzee population (Jane Goodall)


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