Saturday, October 18, 2008

Most Important Issue to Voters is MONEY

During almost every election, the most important issue to the majority of voters is, by far, MONEY.

This is euphemistically referred to and broken down as other politically-correct issues, such as:
  • Economy
  • Jobs
  • Cost of Living / Food / Gasoline
  • Cost of Housing
  • Inflation
  • Taxes
  • Etc.
Polls are usually taken to show the percentage of voters who have picked each issue as the most important.  Sometimes the percentage for Economy or Inflation is lower than for Environment, Healthcare, etc.  However, when you add up the percentages for all of the money-related issues, then Money always comes on top.

Every one of the above is related to Money and personal wealth.  If a voter was rich and could retire at 30 years old, Jobs would not be an important election issue for him/her.

In fact, even the other issues, which do not sound like they are related to Money, are related and cost money to provide.  These include:
  • Healthcare
  • Education / Tuition
  • Welfare
  • Any social program
  • Wars
Voters want somebody else to pay and provide these for them.  If most voters were millionaires and were able to afford these themselves and can afford top notch, private Healthcare and Education, then these would not be issues for them.  This is the case for existing millionaires who can.  These and any social program, are not issues for them. Taxes are.

For most voters, these are issues because they want high quality Healthcare and Education for free.

If there was no tuition or if most students had so much money that they can afford any tuition, then this would not be an issue.

If our economy was so rich that we can give $100,000 per year to every Welfare recipient, then Welfare would not be an election issue.

There are usually only three sources of wealth for any country (and most people):
  1. Hard Work
  2. Innovation
  3. Natural Resources
Some countries have all 3, such as the US. Some have only #1 or #2, such as Japan.  Some countries have only #3, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Venezuela, Africa, etc.

Ultimately, nothing matters more than money.

This is why it’s so easy for politicians to buy votes, by offering lower taxes and increased spending.

Based on what most voters want, the most qualified leader is somebody who can make every voter wealthier.  Which type of leader is best qualified to make voters wealthier?  For a country, the economy is the most important factor, because it pays for everything in society:
  • personal wealth
  • anything from the government:
    • healthcare
    • education
    • welfare
    • social programs
    • infrastructure, such as roads and sidewalks
    • police and fire protection services
    • etc.
The wealthier the economy, the more the country can pay for these.  The reason a baseball player or doctor makes a thousand times more in the US than in Puerto Rico or Cuba, is because of the economy, not because of the skill level.

Therefore, the best leader for most voters is somebody who knows how to improve and manage the economy (but not by robbing).  However, due to the problem with democracy and tradition with lawyers, we usually do not get the best leaders.


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