Sunday, April 8, 2007

Foreign Policy - Africa

This article explains that African governments is an impediment to wealth creation in Africa.  It also explains that the sources of wealth for any country are:
  1. Hard Work
  2. Innovation
  3. Natural Resources
Africa is rich with natural resources.  Therefore, we believe that the governments in certain African countries should be replaced by UN formed governments to remove the corruption and incompetence in order to help their people.

This is, of course, easier said than done.  Replacing a government can be a bloody event as seen in Iraq.  Some have argued that Africans should be governed by Africans and would not like their government to be composed of non-Africans.  We agree that this is not an ideal situation, however, many Africans already do not like their governments. Their governments are oppressing them and keeping them in poverty.

As explained here, Chad, Equitorial New Guinea and Sudan are rich with oil, but the corrupt governments keep their people in poverty.  Some governments are killing them and causing genocide, such as the Sudanese government.  Should the Sudanese government be replaced for humanitarian reasons?  We do not advocate any violent policies, but we do believe that the Sudanese government should be replaced.

[Added Aug 2011:]

Greece is suffering from a severe debt crisis, as it has borrowed too much and earned too little.  Its economy is shrinking and the country is becoming poorer.  One of the options that Europe is looking at to solve this problem, is for Greece to sell some of its assets.

According to this article:
"German public figures called Greeks cheaters, and German magazines ran headlines like why don't you sell your islands, you bankrupt greeks? , ordinary Greeks took it as an outrageous insult.  In June of this year the Greek government started selling islands or at any rate created a fire-sale list of a thousand properties—golf courses, beaches, airports, farmlands, roads—that they hoped to sell, to help repay their debts."
Excluding the Sahara desert, Africa has approximately twice as much real estate as the U.S.  Many African countries have not only have ample real estate, they also have more natural resources than other countries around the world.  Just one small African country such as Somalia or Ethiopia has more land and natural resources than Japan.  South Korea and Taiwan have even less land and natural resources than Japan.

The rest of the world has poured aid into Africa for multiple decades, only for Africa to continue needing aid.  If replacing governments in Africa is not an option, another option is for African countries to sell their assets in return for aid.  North Americans pay thousands of dollars each winter to sit on a warm beach in Mexico or a Caribbean island.  It's likely that North Americans would be more than willing to give money to Africa in return for ownership in some of their stunning tropical beaches or real estate.


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