Sunday, April 8, 2007

Solutions for Environment

We need to do the following:

  • Each country needs to get back on track immediately to achieving Kyoto targets
  • Financially reward countries that save endangered animals, such as Russia’s 350 tigers and 40 leopards.
    • Push other rich countries to do same
  • Campaign Westerners and Asians to reduce their Carbon Footprint. Campaign Westerners to live in smaller houses, even condos and apartments, and drive smaller vehicles.
    • Due to democracy, politicians in the past have made the landlord & tenants act favourable to tenants and hostile to landlords. This is because politicians can get more votes from tenants than landlords. Due to this hostility to companies in the rental business, nobody is building apartment buildings anymore. We need to make this act more equitable to businesses to attract them to provide apartment dwellings.
    • Homes have exploded in North America, but family sizes have shrunk. Either increase taxes on larger homes or provide tax incentives to live in smaller homes.
    • We believe that not enough office workers are telecommuting and that more should to save the environment. We believe that many managers have the old mindset and cannot feel comfortable that their employees are working, unless they see their employees working. However, studies from the Canadian government show that telecommuters are equally or MORE productive than office workers. We should campaign and provide incentives for more telecommuting.


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