Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs of Apple

This world needs a million more Steve Jobs.

Entrepreneurs are the MAIN reason that most countries become wealthier.  They innovate and create new products and services that advance the world.  They are the creators of jobs.  They create wealth, not only for themselves, but for their employees, shareholders, customers, government and therefore everybody else in the country.

Nobody at Apple is in an union, and they make incomes that are far higher than average, not because they demanded higher incomes, but because they earned it by providing value to others in society.

The reason our doctors make thirty times more than doctors in Cuba, is because our economy is so much wealthier, not because our doctors are thirty times smarter.

The reason our baseball players make 1,000 times more than baseball players in Cuba, is because our economy is so much wealthier, not because our baseball players are 1,000 times better.

The reason anybody, including barbers, accountants, bus drivers, lawyers and plumbers, makes the money he/she does, is due to the economy.

The reason welfare recipients get any money, is due to the economy.

One reason our economy is so wealthy is because of entrepreneurs.

In any business, regardless if it is the lemonade or computer business, the two most important functions are:
  • Making the product or service
  • Selling the product or service
Every other function, including HR, Legal, Finance, IT, etc., are support functions.

In any country, the most important function is wealth creation.  Therefore, the most important component of a country is its:
  • Economy
Every other function, including all aspects of government, legal firms, accounting firms, etc., are support functions.

Within the economy, the most important component is the:
  • Entrepreneur
Every other component are in support functions.

Steve Jobs, a god amongst entrepreneurs, died at age 56.  We lost a huge wealth creator today.


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